Dry Aging Facility

At Country Valley Foods we hold the largest dry aging facility in the North East of England. Our temperature and humidity-controlled chamber can hold up to 1,000 bone-in beef primal cuts! All our beef primals are bought from trusted suppliers and checked upon arrival that they meet our tight specifications. Once checked, the beef will […]

Maralec Portio

At Country Valley Foods, we are always looking at the latest and most effective machinery to benefit our fresh meat production. With our customer base constantly growing, investing in new machinery allows us to keep up with continuous customer growth, whilst still maintaining top quality product. The Marelec Portio is an ‘intelligent portion cutter’ which […]

Multivac RO85

The packaging process of all our freshly cut steaks can be a very time consuming activity, which takes valuable time away from our butchers. With a constantly increasing production of steaks required from our customers every month, we needed to invest in some new packaging machinery to give us a helping hand. The Multivac–RO85 is […]