Dry Aged Rolled Sirloin – Prepped and Cooked

This video shows a rib and loin of beef, which has been aged in our chamber for 21 days before it reaches the butchers block. Now that the meat has acquired its maximum flavour and tenderness from the aging process, it’s ready to be prepped. Our butcher then removes the forerib, leaving the striploin to […]

Dry Aged French Trim Cote De Boeuf

In this video we have a rib of beef that has been dry aged for 35 days in our aging chamber, as a bespoke request from one of our customers. Once the aging process is complete, it is time to trim the outside layer and reveal the tender meat inside. This specific product is French […]

Full Hindquarter Breakdown

Watch our head boner breakdown a Hindquarter of beef taken from a Limousine breed of cattle. The Hindquarter contains cuts, such as the rump, silverside, topside, flank, sirloin and fillet. This butcher has been in the trade since he was 17 years old and this skill takes years to perform, which such speed and accuracy. […]