Himalayan Salt Dry Aging Process

Dry Aging At Country Valley Foods

Did you know that Country Valley Foods houses the biggest dry aging facility in the North East of England? Our dry aging chamber is capable of holding up to 1,000 bone-in beef primals all at one time! We also offer a bespoke dry aging service, which allows our customers to reserve a spot in our dry ager for their individual products specifications. We don’t just dry age beef, we also offer dry aging services on pork and lamb products too. Select how many days you would like your desired meat to be aged for and how you would like it to be prepared by our experienced butchery team.

All our dry aged beef primals are bought from trusted suppliers and are checked upon arrival to ensure they meet Country Valley Foods tight specifications.
Please feel free to contact our team on 01642 562360 to inquire on our dry aged range.

The Dry Aging Process...

Step 1: A Delivery From Our Trusted Supplier
All our fresh meat is purchased from long standing and trusted suppliers, whom we have worked with continuously over the last 15+ years. We work with a select group of local farmers and abattoirs to bring our customers the best quality meat products available on the market. The sides of beef arrive on a temperature-controlled van before being transferred into our facility and quality checked upon arrival by our experienced team.
Step 2: The Beef Is Broken Down Into Primals
All our butchers have 20+ years’ experience in the industry and take great pride in their work. They masterfully prepare the beef for our dry ager by breaking down the sides of beef into bone-in primals. One prepared correctly, the beef is then placed onto racks, which are transported into our Himalayan Salt Aging facility.
Step 3: Begin the maturation process
The bone-in beef primals are placed on racks in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled room for 21 to 120 days in order to tenderise the meat and make it more flavourful. Through the process of dry aging, the moisture is drawn out of the meat, so the flavour becomes concentrated. The beef’s natural enzymes work to break down collagen in the meat, essentially decomposing it. Collagen is what makes muscle tough, so when it starts to break down, the meat becomes tender. Country Valley Foods has the largest Himalayan Salt Dry Aging Chamber in the North East of England!
Step 4: Post Aging Preparation
Now it’s time for our butchery team to work their way through the dry aged beef primals and correctly portion them for the use of our customers. Once the dry aged steak have been cut to their desired weights, we then vacuum seal the steaks to keep them nice and fresh.
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