Dry Aging Process

Tender Beef with a Unique Flavour and Aroma.

Dry aging is a process where bone-in beef primals are placed on racks in a temperature-and-humidity-controlled room for 21 to 120 days in order to tenderise the meat and make it more flavourful. Through the process of dry aging, the moisture is drawn out of the meat, so the flavour becomes concentrated. Also, in the process of dry aging, the beef’s natural enzymes work to break down collagen in the meat, essentially decomposing it. Collagen is what makes muscle tough, so when it starts to break down, the meat becomes tender. Dry aged beef has its own unique smell and flavour. 
All our dry aged beef primals are bought from trusted suppliers and are checked upon arrival that they meet Country Valleys tight specifications. 

Our “dry aging chamber” at Country Valley foods holds up to 1,000 bone-in primal beef cuts.

Bespoke dry aging beef beyond 6 weeks for our customers can be arranged on request. Customers can request lamb or pork cuts to be dry aged, we would be happy to give you advice to achieve your desired result.