Multivac RO85

The packaging process of all our freshly cut steaks can be a very time consuming activity, which takes valuable time away from our butchers. With a constantly increasing production of steaks required from our customers every month, we needed to invest in some new packaging machinery to give us a helping hand.

The Multivac–RO85 is a high performance packaging machine which downloads packing orders given by our butchers through a touch screen device, attached to the machine. We like to use the ‘standard tight pack’ option for steaks and chicken supremes. This option tightly secures the products within the packaging, keeping the meat secure and fresh.

The use of this machine will give our butchers more time to focus on producing top quality cuts of fresh meat for our customers. The air tight packaging surrounding the steak, also allows the meat the stay fresh and hold its shape up until it reaches the consumer. We believe this machine can only improve our services as a supplier and give us the ability to continue supplying only the best quality fresh meat to our customers.

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