Callebaut Callet Dark (1×2.5kg)

Made to Callebaut’s classic recipe, using their unique Wieze blend of cocoa beans. The callets deliver a full-bodied taste, solid cocoa body and fine, fruity notes. The 54.5% cocoa content makes them perfect for a variety of uses, from baking to melting and enrobing.

Price – £26.49

Code – 21012

Callebaut Callet Milk (1×2.5kg)

Made using 33.6% Cocoa, Finest Belgian Chocolate Buttons This well-loved milk chocolate from Callebaut has a full-bodied taste and great workability. Pair it with a wide range of powerful spicy, fruity, dairy or liqueur-like flavours.

Price – 28.89

Code – 12263

Callebaut Callet White (1×2.5kg)

Callebaut white callets are made with 28% cocoa butter, premium milk powder, fine sugar and a touch of vanilla. This gourmet couverture has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, with elegant satin shine and crisp snap when tempered.

Price – £28.89

Code – 93515

Little & Cull, Cheese/Onion Pie (6x260g)

Encased in a golden, flaky crust, this pie is filled with a rich, creamy mixture of sharp cheddar cheese and sweet, caramelized onions. Each bite offers a harmonious blend of tangy cheese and mellow onions, creating a comforting and satisfying meal. Ideal for a hearty lunch or a cozy dinner, Little and Cull Cheese and Onion Pie brings a taste of home-cooked goodness to your table.

Price – £11.90

Code – 23187

Little & Cull, Chicken/Ham Hock/ Leek Pie (6x260g)

Encased in a perfectly baked, golden pastry, this pie is generously filled with tender chunks of succulent chicken, flavourful ham hock, and delicate leeks. The filling is enveloped in a creamy, herb-infused sauce that binds the ingredients together, creating a rich and satisfying taste experience.

Price – £13.60

Code – 31777

Little & Cull, Steak/Ale Pie

Enclosed in a beautifully baked, golden-brown pastry, this pie is packed with succulent pieces of tender steak, slow-cooked to perfection. The filling is enriched with a rich, savory ale gravy that adds depth and warmth, perfectly complementing the meat. With its satisfying, melt-in-the-mouth texture and deep, comforting flavors, Little and Cull Steak and Ale Pie is an ideal choice for a substantial and delicious meal.

Price – £14.20

Code – 31777

Northern Bloc, Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla (1x5ltr)

This Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream is a luxurious treat crafted with the finest Madagascan vanilla beans. Each scoop offers a creamy texture and rich, velvety flavour, highlighting the pure, aromatic essence of Vanilla.

Price – £17.39

Code – 34466

Northern Bloc, White Chocolate & Popcorn (1x5ltr)

Northern Bloc White and popcorn Ice Cream is a unique and indulgent creation that combines the creamy sweetness of white chocolate, with the nostalgic crunch of popcorn. This delicious blend is made using rich white chocolate and real popcorn pieces.

Price – £17.39

Code – 25972

Northern Bloc, Sicilian Lemon Swirl (1x5ltr)

Northern Bloc Sicilian Lemon Swirl Ice Cream is a refreshing and zesty delight that captures the essence of sun-kissed Sicilian lemons. This vibrant ice cream features a creamy base, perfectly balanced with swirls of tangy, citrus infused lemon sauce.

Price – £17.39

Code – 25972

Northern Bloc, Caramelised Biscuit (1×2.5ltr)

Northern Bloc Caramelised Biscuit Ice Cream combines the buttery flavour of caramelised biscuit pieces with smooth and creamy ice cream. This ice cream delivers a delightful contrast in flavours.

Price – £11.89

Code – 62546

Northern Bloc, Dog Ice Cream (24x100ml)

This Northern Bloc Dog Ice Cream is a specially crafted frozen treat for your canine companion. Made with high quality, dog safe ingredients, this ice cream offers a creamy, nutritious snack that’s perfect for hot summer days in the park.

Price – £16.89

Code – 56798

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